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User Agreement

This user agreement, hereinafter «Agreement», is between Workshop, which has an Internet address of, hereinafter «Workshop» or «Project», and the user of the Workshop's services, hereinafter «Buyer», and defines the terms of purchasing products through the Site.

1. Basic provisions

1.1. This Agreement is concluded between the Buyer and the Workshop at the time of ordering. The Buyer confirms his agreement with the terms established by this Agreement by checking the box «I agree with the rules and have read F.A.Q.» when placing an order.

1.2. This Agreement, as well as the information on the goods presented on the Site, is a public offer in accordance with Art. 435 and part 2 of Art. 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

1.3. The provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on the sale of goods by remote means (Article 497 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated 25.10.2007 N 234-FZ), as well as the Law of the Russian Federation "On the Protection of Consumer Rights" dated 07.02.1992 No. 2300 - 1 and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them apply to the relations between the Buyer and the Workshop.

1.4. The buyer may be any natural or legal person capable of accepting and paying for the goods ordered by him in the manner and on the terms and conditions established by this Agreement, in the territory of the Russian Federation and other countries of the world.

1.5. Workshop reserves the right to amend this Agreement.

1.6. This Agreement shall be considered as published on the Site and shall be applied and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

2. Product Information

2.1. The product is presented on the Site through photo samples, which are the property of the Workshop.

2.2. Each photo sample is accompanied by text information: price and description of the product.

2.3. At the request of the Buyer, the operator of the Workshop is obliged to provide (via chat on the website, e-mail and social networks) other information necessary and sufficient, from the point of view of the Buyer, to make a decision on ordering the product.

2.4. The price of the goods indicated on the Site may be changed by the Workshop unilaterally.

2.5. If the price of the goods ordered by the Purchaser changes, the Workshop Operator shall inform the Purchaser as soon as possible (by telephone, e-mail or social media) for confirmation or cancellation of the order. If it is not possible to contact the Buyer, this order shall be considered cancelled.

3. Procedure for purchasing the product

3.1. The buyer has the right to place an order for any product presented on the Site. Each product can be ordered in any quantity. The order can be placed by the Buyer in the following way: independently on the Site.

3.2. After placing the order, a letter is sent to the Buyer's e-mail, confirming the acceptance of the order, indicating the names of the selected goods and the total amount of the order, which is an integral part of this Agreement.

3.3. After purchasing the product, it goes into production, the terms of which are indicated in the product description. During this period, the operator of the Workshop contacts the Buyer via the e-mail specified by him when placing an order and sends a track code to track the parcel.

3.4. If the product didn't arrive on time, the Buyer has the right to replace it with another product or cancel the order.

4. Delivery and acceptance-transfer of the product

4.1. Delivery of the product ordered in the Workshop, in the agreed quantity and assortment, is carried out by the delivery service within the territory of the city of Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as to other cities of the Russian Federation.

4.2. Delivery costs of the product are paid by the Buyer at the rates indicated on the Site at the time of ordering.

4.4. Sending and delivery of the ordered product is made within the timeframe established by the Workshop, under the description of each product.

4.5. The fact of the beginning of the production of the product is its payment on the Workshop website.

4.6. The workshop has the right to increase the production time if it is necessary to maintain the quality of the manufactured product.

5. Payment for the product

5.1. Methods of payment for the goods are indicated on the Site in the section «Payment» and «Delivery».

5.2. The goods are paid only in dollars and euro

6. Return of product and money

6.1. In case of receiving a product of inadequate quality, the Buyer within three days has the right to contact the operator on the site, or in the messages of the group. The return of a good quality product is possible if its presentation, consumer properties, as well as a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the specified product (electronic check) are preserved. During this period, the Buyer is obliged to notify the operator of the Workshop with a written notice by mail about the desire to return the goods.

6.2. After this period, the return of the product is no longer possible.

6.3. In case of receipt of a product of inadequate quality, within the specified time, and when the Buyer informs the operator of the Workshop, with the presentation of all the necessary facts, the Workshop returns to him the amount paid for the product, minus the amount of the Workshop expenses related to the delivery of the goods to the Buyer and removal of the product from the Buyer no later than ten days from the date the Buyer submits the corresponding request.

7. Other

7.1. The workshop reserves the right to expand and reduce the product offer on the Site, regulate access to the purchase of any products, and suspend or terminate the sale of any products at its sole discretion.

7.2. The workshop is entitled to hold special promotions.

7.3. In accordance with the Federal Law «On Personal Data», by placing an order, you give the Workshop consent to the processing of your personal data in order to send information and promote products on the market, without any time limit. This consent can be revoked by you by sending a written notice. In this case, your personal data will be destroyed, and their processing is terminated within 7 working days from the date we received the notification.

7.4. The Seller undertakes to maintain confidentiality with respect to the Buyer's personal data, as well as other information about the Buyer that has become known to the Seller in connection with the execution of this Agreement, unless such information

· is publicly available;

· disclosed at the request or with the permission of the Buyer;

· requires disclosure on the grounds provided for by law, or upon receipt of relevant requests from the court or authorized government agencies;

· disclosed on other grounds stipulated by the agreement of the parties.

7.5. The Seller has the right to unilaterally amend the Agreement by publishing the changes on the Site at This user agreement, hereinafter «Agreement», is between Workshop, which has an Internet address of, hereinafter «Workshop» or «Project», and the user of the Workshop's services, hereinafter «Buyer», and defines the terms of purchasing products through the Site.

7.6. The Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the Buyer and the Seller and contains the rules for making purchases at the "" Workshop.

7.7. This agreement is considered concluded from the moment the seller issues a cash or sales receipt to the buyer, or another document confirming payment for the goods, or from the moment the seller receives a message about the intention to purchase the goods.

Seller information

Name: (Skverna project workshop)

INN - 501108175668

OGRNIP - 320508100007464